21 Oct

So what’s the deal with the socket 478 & 775?

This forum’s topic post is describing differences between the Intel socket 775 and the socket 478 YES YES YES… The LGA 775 Socket was concibed for trespassing the 3.5 Ghz fronteer wich is imposible to pass using only 478 contacts between mother and CPU. The LGA 775 also eliminates the electrmagnteic noises produced by the […]

Water or Air?
12 Apr

Water or Air?

Q: For a high-performance computer, is liquid cooling worth the effort over a high quality air cooling system? A: Honestly, I’ve come across this situation a few times. The solution relies in your spenditure and how well this is designed. Liquid-cooling can go a long ways while keeping the same exact temperature stable while oc’ing. […]